Maria Ninot’s geometric jewelry

A collection based on the architecture, the drawing, the line, the construction. We can find many different references to the new jewelry collection from Maria Ninot, for her it has been an evolution and a challenge for her self-discipline. People say jewelers are perfectionists, in the micro world where they work, all the defects become giants, and the search for perfection can be obsessive; but it is what feeds the artist. Development is essential for artists, for a jeweler evolution applies to the concept and technique. For Maria is important not to leave any of the two ways, don’t become trapped with technique nor stay in the clouds with the concept/idea. Maybe that is why she lets the pieces ‘mature’, the collections are made in months, not in a week. She works with a piece for a few days, but she doesn’t finish it because she knows she will look at it with different eyes when she comes back. The pieces of a collection should talk between them, they must have a not impossed similarity and be independent, so they can be understood separately.detall-pectoral-geometric_1

anell-romboide-estructura_1 collar-geometric-senzill_1She enjoyed her new collection so much that decided to make a professional photoshooting. Attention to the team! Femenine, working, stylish, and committed. Photography by Nina Anton, stylism by Paula Brusés, make up and hairdressing by Estefania Vaqué and  Anna Alamo as the model.  Our jewelry maker is getting serious, and has recently launched her website. You can have a look of her collections, watch some videos of her work process,  discover custom pieces and her conceptual projects. We strongly recommend you to visit:

IMG_9399 IMG_9583 IMG_9511 IMG_9711 copy IMG_9554 IMG_9495 IMG_9432  

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