Farewell and toast

Oslo’s adventure began 8 years ago, as a contemporary arts and crafts workshop/shop that has grown and consolidated over the years in Gracia neighbourhood. It has become a very special referent of creation and local business, but now is the moment to take new paths.

During these years we have experienced change, growth, renovation, alternative management, group dynamics, etc. We have been trying to find the balance between collective commitment and individual work. Throughout Oslo’s life there have been always four women leading, managing and doing all the hard work required to carry out the project, but in the last nine months it was just Ana Vivero and Maria Ninot.

Nowadays Oslo is beautiful, full of awesome artists and craftsmen making amazing things. We have expanded the showroom space and we had the best Christmas in Oslo’s history. More and more people know us, we have lots of regular customers and new people falling in love with Oslo every day. After the exponential growth of recent months, the natural step would be to become a cooperative, but we have decided otherwise.

We have learned a craft or more with Oslo. A hundred artists involved over the years have shown us many ways of making beautiful things and we have evolved with them. We survived the crisis together, thinking and living in an alternative way, with the firm determination that things should be ethical, beautiful and with a soul. But Oslo does not become self-sufficient and it requires such a commitment of the people managing it that it is practically incompatible with another job.

And this other job is waiting for us. Maria Ninot jewelry and Ana Vivero felt hats have many things to say and a long way to go. Oslo helped us grow as artists, as people and as professionals. We learnt from all those who have participated in the project, from managing an association, from all of you who came and purchased crafts. We have also learnt that you have to invest 100% into what you want to move forward and now we want to do our personal projects

Thanks, Oslo, for all you have given to us! And thanks to all of you who came and believed in the project, we loved sharing a slice of life with you.

To say goodbye to Oslo as it deserves, and to toast for new beginnings, we have organized a party on Saturday 18th March from 18.00 to 21.30 h. At 19.30 there will be a concert of Leite, one of Leticia Rodriguez bands. Until then, we wait for you with a fuller Oslo than ever.

Ana and Maria

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